Thoughts from MWC 2017. Part 2

Written by Friday, 07 April 2017
For our next article, let’s think more about 5G. It really dominated the headlines and rightly so, with so much activity imminent on the standardization front. For example, during one of its seminars, the GSMA stated that, with clear requirements and new use cases already in place 5G really becomes the “network of the networks” (HetNets), focused on user experience, the new era of automation, and intelligence that will enable an industrial revolution. While that may be true, the good news is that, both in the core and in the RAN, a reality check is in progress.
Ensuring optimised radio coverage across a range of environments is one pressing challenge for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) but there’s another that is becoming increasingly important. It’s one thing to understand radio access but it’s another to truly understand the performance of specific services in the same diversity of environments.

An optimized solution for ensuring compatibility and interoperability.

As we noted last time, achieving interoperability for RCS services and solutions is a key requirement, made more pressing by the rapid adoption of the service. With more than 100 million users already, it’s essential to maintain interoperability and to continue to enable service compatibility, not only within an operator’s network but also between different networks. That’s why we have taken the initiative by playing a key role in efforts to provide standardized compliance tests.

The unexpected growth of RCS highlights the need for interoperability and compliance – how can operators validate conformance?

RCS has been one of the unsung success stories of 2016. Without a huge fanfare, operators around the world have been busy deploying RCS services, often unnoticed by their customers or unremarked by the media. Yet the impact is clear – some operators now have millions of RCS users and, globally, an aggregate user base of more than 100 million has been built from scratch. We fully expect 2017 to see much more activity, as, according to the GSMA, over 50 operators have committed to delivering RCS.

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