Indoor Testing Simplified with TEMS Pocket’s New Indoor Positioning Feature

Written by Tuesday, 06 September 2016

The TEMS Pocket team is always looking at ways to improve our solution. One area of particular interest for us is indoor location positioning. In the past, capturing pinpoint measurements was cumbersome.

Today, TEMS Pocket changes this with the introduction of new capabilities that allow indoor measurements to be taken by accurately pinpointing user movement, with minimal intervention from the engineer.

The Indoor Positioning feature offers a number of key capabilities and benefits, including the following:

  • Single TEMS Pocket app
    • This app is not only able to perform high level network measurements, it uses the capability of selected hardware devices to perform accurate indoor positioning. In addition, it can be used as a controller for TEMS Pocket device agents when doing benchmarking tests.
  • Training and set-up
    • Minimal training is required to set up the indoor positioning ready for testing.
  • Minimal pinpointing
    • The number of pinpoints are kept to a minimum due to accurate location positioning.
    • Tests can be completed much faster with both network measurements and indoor positioning being collected at the same time.
    • Users can focus more on the network measurements when testing is being performed.
    • Reduced user error.

TEMS Pocket benefits from continuous enhancement – the only real limit is our imagination! By listening to our customers and constantly looking ahead to anticipate new requirements, we strive to find innovative ways to make a positive impact on customers’ QoE and to improve their returns on CAPEX and OPEX. The new indoor positioning feature is a great example of our ongoing program of improvement within the “Network Testing of Tomorrow” framework.

Watch the short instructional video of TEMS Pocket’s new indoor positioning feature below.

Louis Tan

Louis joined us in 2016 as the Product Manager for TEMS Pocket. TEMS Pocket is part of our Test and Measurement product portfolio. The TEMS Pocket is a handheld network performance measurement tool for wireless network verification, maintenance, and troubleshooting as well as for cell planning tasks. Prior to his joining us, he has taken on various roles in Alcatel-Lucent in his 20 year career over there with his most recent being a Product Manager.

Louis has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from University of Kentucky and a MBA from Loyola University Chicago.

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