Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor and outdoor

Wireless operators need to collect data from their networks to test and measure coverage and quality. However, it isn’t always practical to obtain network information with drive-test solutions, particularly with more than half of today’s estimated data traffic and calls generated from indoor environments.

TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. The tool collects measurement and event data for immediate monitoring or for processing by TEMS Discovery or other tools at a later time.

Uniquely, it now includes enhanced indoor positioning capabilities, which dramatically simplify data collection. It resolves location positioning from the TEMS Pocket device, which replaces legacy pinpointing techniques. It offers greater accuracy and enables teams to simply get started and go, removing the dependency on external signaling.

Test your network from
the perspective of your users!

Galaxy S7

TEMS Pocket – indoor positioning solution

Indoor testing through
cutting edge innovation

First to market with self-contained applications and automatic positioning for accuracy and efficiency.

Quick and easy setup.
Minimum training required.
Reducing user errors.
Improving efficiency.
Accurate indoor location positioning with efficient pinpointing.
  • Quick and easy setup.
    Minimum training required.
  • Reducing user errors.
    Improving efficiency.
  • Accurate indoor location positioning with efficient pinpointing.

    Introducing Indoor Positioning Solution

    TEMS Pocket now comes with a unique indoor positioning feature that makes data collection even easier. With this feature, location resolution is handled directly by the TEMS Pocket device and replaces legacy pinpointing techniques. It means that users can simply set up the device and go, focusing on monitoring test progress instead of tracking waypoints on the screen.

    Unlike other solutions that depend on external signaling to determine location, the indoor positioning feature means that TEMS Pocket is fully self-contained. It considerably improves efficiency, by 50% or more depending on the complexity of the floorplan, as well as accuracy, delivering more powerful results. It can even be used to position multiple devices, simply by switching to “controller / agent” mode.

    Indoor Positioning Solution – Part of “Network Testing of Tomorrow”.

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    TEMS Pocket

    Multidevice Setup


      Controller Agent – In the palm of your hand

      • Maximize test coverage by controlling up to 14 devices simultaneously
      • Completely wireless – no additional cables, hubs or hardware required
      • Execute scripts, monitor progress and position measurements for all agents at once with a single controller

      Backpack – Test & benchmark on the go

      • Small, sleek and lightweight
      • Lined with Velcro on the inside for secured equipment
      • Nimble power solution that keeps you going until mission accomplished
      • Ideal for use with the TEMS Pocket Controller/Agent setup

    TEMS iBuildNet for HetNet planning


    TEMS Pocket


    Test in any location

    Test in any location

    Operators can easily test locations such as inside restaurants, shopping malls, subways, trains, boats, event venues

    Small, convenient form factor

    Small, convenient form factor

    Captures a range of data that normally requires laptops or even larger tools

    Target user experience

    Target user experience

    Allows the tester to truly test networks and services, end-to-end from a subscriber perspective

    Multi-device measurement

    Multi-device measurement

    Offers a multi-device measurement environment, in which one controller device controls the actions of up to 14 agent devices, without additional hardware

    For the entire HetNet deployment

    For the entire HetNet deployment

    Integrates with indoor planning and design solutions for efficient preliminary network surveys, all the way to design tuning

    Single interface

    Single interface

    Allows users to operate and control multiple devices through a single interface

    TEMS Pocket

    Use Cases

    Learn More About TEMS Pocket

    TEMS Pocketand your Android Smartwatch

    TEMS PocketIndoor Testing Made Simple

    TEMS PocketAdvanced forcing features for Samsung modems

    TEMS PocketIndoor Positioning Feature

    TEMS Discovery for analytics and optimization

    by 50% or more depending on the complexity of the floorplan,

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    • TEMS™ iBuildNet
    • TEMS™ Pocket
    • TEMS™Automatic
    • TEMS™Symphony
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    • TEMS™ Investigation

      TEMS™ Investigation

      Drive testing solution for mobile networks

      TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot the QoE of HetNet RAN and services from a subscriber perspective for in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian-area testing scenarios.

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    • TEMS™ iBuildNet

      TEMS™ iBuildNet

      Planning and optimization tools for small cell, DAS and WiFi

      TEMS iBuildNet enables you to plan, build and optimize indoor and outdoor HetNet projects. TEMS iBuildNet provides an end-to-end workflow that cuts design time and reduces complexity and errors, while requiring less skill to operate.

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    • TEMS™ Pocket

      TEMS™ Pocket

      Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor/ outdoor

      TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. From HetNet planning and design, to deployment and optimization, TEMS Pocket enables you to test your network from a user’s perspective in any location.

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    • TEMS™Automatic

      TEMS™ Automatic

      Autonomous testing 24/7

      TEMS Automatic is the market leader in unattended testing and verification of mobile networks. A TEMS Automatic system enables you to automate your ways of working and collect the right data, in the right place, at the right time, in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

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    • TEMS™Symphony

      TEMS™ Symphony

      Benchmark voice and data applications across dozens of channels

      Ensure and validate the highest levels of quality, availability, and subscriber satisfaction with TEMS Symphony. Remotely manage probes and test scripts and benchmark voice, applications and data services for dozens of channels simultaneously.

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    • TEMS™Discovery

      TEMS™ Discovery

      Collect and analyze virtually limitless amounts of mobile network data

      TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing mobile operators and their service providers with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by subscribers at the device, application and network level.

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    • TEMS™ FleetManager

      TEMS™ FleetManager

      Complete, powerful fleet management for operational drive testing

      TEMS FleetManager is a cloud-based tool that allows wireless operators to remotely distribute test drive instructions to their teams, view and monitor driver and test progress in real-time, and interact with the data collection process from anywhere.

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