Irina Cotanis

Irina Cotanis

Reston, VA, USA

Thoughts from MWC 2017. Part 2

Friday, 07 April 2017
For our next article, let’s think more about 5G. It really dominated the headlines and rightly so, with so much activity imminent on the standardization front. For example, during one of its seminars, the GSMA stated that, with clear requirements and new use cases already in place 5G really becomes the “network of the networks” (HetNets), focused on user experience, the new era of automation, and intelligence that will enable an industrial revolution. While that may be true, the good news is that, both in the core and in the RAN, a reality check is in progress.

Test Use Cases for VoWiFi

Thursday, 12 May 2016

It has been about a year or so since our last blog on VoWiFi service and we finally see how the service has been catching speed in the US with At&T, Vzw and apparently Sprint too, all joining the VoWiFi pioneer T-Mobile.  So, since the service is here, we should ask ourselves what and which scenarios need to be tested for a trouble-free deployment and roll out.

Thinking back to MWC 2016…

In my personal view, what made this year’s show quite interesting is the fact that it really started to clear out the mist around 5G by allowing a glimpse into the future while still trying to fully ensure that we are taking advantage of everything we have and can do now. Or, in other words, a lot of talk on 5G is that it is”already happening” and is of early “deployments,” but at the same time there was a lot of discussion on getting more concrete with what should and can be done before 5G technically happens, and how to make strong economic and business sense of it.

We have experienced for quite some time the offload of mobile data to WiFI. With VoWiFi calling, not only will users save money on international calling while traveling, but they will also experience the benefit of an enhanced call experience with the extension of VoLTE coverage to indoor. At the same time, VoWiFi calling also offers operators an opportunity to combat OTTs. With WiFi coverage, voice and messaging can be provided at lower costs, resulting in reduced spending for OTT. Additionally, unlike OTTs, operators can offer seamless call transfer support between Wi-Fi and LTE (using VoLTE) with specific device support.

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