Todd Cotts

Todd Cotts

Todd Cotts is part of the Product Team at InfoVista. Todd has over 15 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry, having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Sprint Nextel and Kyocera Communications. Having served in a number of strategic and leadership roles throughout the years, including directing product management of an indoor-outdoor network experience testing solution, and with an MBA in Marketing and MS in Psychology, Todd brings to the table a multi-faceted approach to confronting many challenges faced by telecommunications professionals today.

TEMS™ InfoVista recently sponsored the 5G North America event in Dallas, TX, where one of our resident experts, Dr. Irina Cotanis, participated in two panel sessions. Recently we sat down with Dr. Cotanis to ask her some questions about InfoVista’s TEMS solutions and the emergence of 5G. (Note: This is a technical discussion, so get your telephony dictionary handy just in case.)

At this year’s 5G Asia, September 26-28, InfoVista\s Technical Sales Manager, Muhannad Al-Abweh, will be discussing the importance of testing mobile video services. As Muhannad prepares for his travels to Singapore, we thought we’d go ahead and help set the stage for his presentation. But this is no excuse for you to not plan on attending the panel discussion he will participate in on September 27th, titled Mobile Video Services on the Path to 5G at 12:45.

People have been reported falling off the edge of an ocean bluff in California, ending up in ER with a fractured fifth metatarsal bone in the foot after slipping and falling into a ditch, crashing into a tree, exiting a moving vehicle, being struck by a car, mugged in Missouri, and robbed in California. Now police departments in major cities all over are issuing alerts for people to be alert at all times and cautious of being lured into a bad situation. What is going on?

“The importance of in-building communications for the public and public safety has never been more critical than it is in today’s world.”

~ Executive Director, Chief Alan Perdue, Safer Buildings Coalition

There are many types of disasters, from natural disasters of fire, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, to man-made disasters such as gas line explosions, nuclear power plant explosion, chemical or biological contamination, fire, domestic and international born terrorism, and, yes, even war. One thing most natural and man-made disasters have in common: People trapped in, under, and around buildings during a devastating emergency. Unfortunately, most commercial buildings around the world today are not planned and designed with dedicated indoor cellular-network systems in mind, making those who live, work, and play in these commercial buildings, as well as the emergency responders who are often required to enter these buildings in search of people, at higher risk of serious injury and even death during a disaster. For this reason, many building codes, including the International Building Code, now require reliable, quality indoor cellular connectivity for both the public and emergency responders. To ensure this reliable in-building cellular connectivity, it is necessary that building owners and managers, government agencies, and mobile network operators deploy optimally-designed heterogeneous networks (HetNets) in and around all commercial and government buildings. In Part I of this blog on the critical role of heterogeneous networks in public safety, we will take a look at the types of disasters that put the general public and emergency responders at risk in and around buildings, and the need for emergency preparedness plans to include design and deployment of HetNets.

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