Effective optimization and troubleshooting for all RAN technologies and services

TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution, used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot Heterogeneous RAN services. It enables mobile operators and infrastructure suppliers to test quality, from the perspective of subscribers (QoE) and from the perspective of the network (QoS), covering in- vehicle, in-building and pedestrian test scenarios.

Combining speed with simplicity, TEMS Investigation helps you get to market fast with a solution backed by latest technology innovation, while offering unmatched ease of operation. TEMS Investigation is proven to meet emerging needs during pre and post-launch stage of network technology developments. It is a single solution that reduces OPEX by helping to streamline processes and by keeping pace with rapid network evolution.

Test the latest technologies and features, with the latest devices. TEMS’ unique device control capability makes it the optimum choice for advanced, efficient Heterogeneous RAN testing, ranging from complex engineering tasks to routine data collection.

The complete solution for all RAN optimization activities.

Gives you the speed you need, with the simplicity you want.

Speed & Simplicity



For the advanced user:

TEMS Investigation, Professional

Offers comprehensive, industry-leading functionality and early availability of new technologies, features and devices, making it the optimal engineering solution.

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For the driver:

TEMS Investigation, DriveTester

The streamlined user interface, designed for non-experts, guides users through the entire data collection process. It’s a powerful solution that delivers significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

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TEMS Investigation — What's New

Product Highlights

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Prepare your network for LTE IoT
  • Log file improvements reduces CPU and network load by 70%
  • Support for LoRa Wireless Systems
  • Improved EVS Support
  • Turn-by-turn navigation

    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing and batch installations saves time and money

    TEMS Investigation can replay and do log file export installed on a cloud computing server. Introducing support for multiple simultaneous users and instances on one computing server brings TEMS Investigation to the cloud. This saves money because you only have to pay for the amount of data power used at the moment.

    For easier and faster batch license handling and installation, an external command line interface (CLI) is added to the License Control Center. This enables administrators to by batch commands register devices, sync licenses and servers, clear licenses and export all license information to a file.

  • Prepare your network for LTE IoT

    Prepare your network for LTE IoT

    LTE NB IoT opens the door to cost efficient applications with focus specifically on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life, and a large number of connected devices. The latest release of TEMS Investigation comes with added support for the Qualcomm MDM9206 chipset* which offers LTE Category M1 and LTE Category NB1 connectivity and enables testing of low data-rate IoT applications that use power-efficient narrowband modems. LTE Layer 3 decoding of the NB specific items in 3GPP rel. 13 and a number of Qualcomm NB specific reports is now supported.

    Manage your LTE network in the era of Internet of Things with TEMS Investigation!

    3GPP rel. 13 NB specific items supported by TEMS Investigation

    • LTE RRC
    • LTE NAS

    Qualcomm NB specific reports supported by TEMS Investigation

    • NB1 RACH messages
    • WB/NB interference cancellation message
    • NB1 CDI information message
    • NPUSCH TX information message
    • NB1 PDSCH status message
    • NB1 CDRX event information message
    • NB1 system status information message

    * Any Qualcomm MDM9206 chipset based device with exposed diagnostics port may be used in TEMS Investigation through the user assisted detect function.

  • Log file improvements reduces CPU and network load by 70%

    Log file improvements reduces CPU and network load by 70%

    Refined data stream in TRP logfile

    To save disk space and load on networks and CPUs during post-processing, a refined data stream has been introduced in TRP log files. It captures a selected subset of information elements and events.

    If TEMS Investigation is set to record only the refined data stream, it records all events and information elements visible in TEMS Pocket and required to generate the default report in TEMS Discovery Data Hub. This reduces file size and computer load by 70% during post-processing.

    Separate UE Collected IP capture file

    To keep the quality of measurements intact when testing higher network data speeds, a separate IP capture file can be created on the measuring device. This file will be transferred to the PC after the test has been completed which speeds up processing and saves network/USB load during measurements.

  • Support for LoRa Wireless Systems

    Support for LoRa Wireless Systems

    The ElSys ELT-1 is a unique LoRaWAN sensor prepared for testing of IoT networks. In TEMS Investigation you have the possibility to gather information, as well as control it with unique forcing features required to support efficient coverage testing.

    The following LoRa information elements (IEs) are available:

    • Mode System/Radio Technology (new possible value ”LoRa”)
    • RSSI
    • SNR
    • Spreading factor DL
    • Spreading factor UL
    • TxPower

    The IEs can be geographically positioned by GPS, or pinpointed manually. The pinpoint monitor shows themes for LoRa RSSI and interference. The IEs can be exported to text or run through the html report generator for data summaries.

  • Improved EVS Support

    Improved EVS Support

    For better quality, capacity and coverage

    EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) improves every aspect of the voice service; it offers better quality, capacity, and coverage. It’s a new codec that paves the way for next-generation music and audio applications like live-to-air studio quality calls from mobile phones. The graph compares EVS with AMR, and pinpoints the fact that EVS can support audio bandwidths up to 20 kHz, thus vastly improving voice quality.

    To support EVS and the new wider audio bands, TEMS Audio Capturing Unit (ACU) has been updated with a new set of speech samples and a sampling rate capability of 48 kHz for MOS score calculations.

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TEMS Investigation

Use Cases

  • VoLTE and ViLTE

    VoLTE and ViLTE

    Provides a robust test methodology for accelerating the early stages of VoLTE and ViLTE rollouts.
  • LTE-Advanced


    Ahead in the latest technology projects for 25+ years, currently helping early adopters test everything from LTE-U to 5G.
  • 4.5G


    The LTE evolution path towards 5G, better connected and faster for a superior experience.
  • Latest Quality Measurements

    Latest Quality Measurements

    Measure wireless network and service quality using PEVQ-S, POLQA and our award-winning Blixt technology.
  • Latest Devices

    Latest Devices

    TEMS Investigation is the only mobile network testing solution integrated with genuine iOS iPhones.
  • Speed and Simplicity

    Speed and Simplicity

    Forcing features, scripting, interface versatility and workflow integration reduce time and risk during roll-out and network maintenance.

    Just Drive.

    Speed and simplicity with a new purpose-built user interface


    • Simplicity
    • Scalability
    • A new way of working

      Greatly reduce risk, complexity and time spent

      TEMS Investigation DriveTester solution has a streamlined user interface designed for non-experts, guiding them through the entire data collection process. It requires minimal user interaction, expertise, and training while reducing process errors, complexity, and the time spent on collecting data. Drivers can be assisted remotely from the office, minimizing the need for technicians in the field.

      DriveTester is a powerful solution that delivers significant cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

    • Flexible and scalable

      TEMS Investigation for Benchmarking

      For use case centric testing, like Benchmarking, the new Cluster option makes DriveTester extremely scalable and powerful. You can now connect multiple boxed PCs (NUCs), each supporting up to five devices per unit, to one single cluster. All monitored by the driver on one screen.

      With TEMS FleetManager you can monitor and control your fleet of probes from a central location, at the same time supporting your drivers in real-time, giving you a complete end-to-end testing solution.

      Download our infographic for a solution overview.


    DriveTester offers a host of valuable features, including:

    Central administration via TEMS FleetManager,

    making it possible to manage a complete fleet of probes from a single location. By coordinating test activities centrally, it is ensured that resources and equipment are utilized in the most efficient way.

    Activity pre-planning,

    including the creation of test scripts with data collection targets (e.g. how much data to collect), and driving routes, helping you to collect the right data and to reduce the amount of driving required.

    Full control of the DriveTester application,

    which can run on any Android device, conveniently positioned alongside the driver in the test vehicle. Audio turn-by-turn navigation simplifies the program and increases safety.

    Instant access to test results on completion

    via automated log file upload to TEMS Discovery Dashboard, presenting near real time KPI data as well as offering powerful drill- down capabilities. Finding faults earlier in the work process is key for efficiency.

    DriveTester helps you become more efficient, enabling more people to undertake field tasks, with a reduced need for specialist skills – which means you can centralize resources in your back-office function, making it easier to share expertise across your organization.

    Learn more about drive testing of mobile networks with TEMS Investigation

    TEMS InvestigationDrive testing of tomorrow

    TEMS InvestigationSpeed and simplicity with a new purpose-built user interface

    TEMS InvestigationOptimizing a World in Change

    TEMS Investigation for RAN Testing


    • Test from a user perspective

      Test from a user perspective

      Performs geographically positioned air interface and service quality measurements with devices used by subscribers.

      Tailor test scenarios to needs

      Tailor test scenarios to needs

      From rollout to maintenance, TEMS Investigation’s exclusive measurement capabilities put the user in control.

      Contain cost

      Contain cost

      Quick to set up and easy to use, TEMS Investigation's unique time-saving capabilities and exclusive control features promote efficient work processes.

      Reduce time to market

      Reduce time to market

      Focus on early availability of new technologies, features and devices. Scalable, adaptable and constantly updated to meet evolving needs.

    • Maximise ROI

      Maximise ROI

      Complete solution for multi-mode system verification, optimization, troubleshooting and analysis in relation to in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian-area testing throughout the network life cycle. Flexible licensing and packaging to meet individual requirements.

      Rich, exclusive feature set

      Rich, exclusive feature set

      Our signature forcing features, script engine and test cases gives you the freedom to perform the measurements and tests you want to perform without affecting end users.

      Cost-efficient license sharing

      Cost-efficient license sharing

      Freely transfer licenses between devices and collaborate within the organization with a unique cloud-based license sharing solution.

      Built on solid foundations

      Built on solid foundations

      Focus on early availability of new technologies, features and devices. Scalable, adaptable and constantly updated to meet evolving needs.

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      • Extensive Device Portfolio
        • With more than 300 verified measurement devices from over 30 vendors, TEMS Investigation offers unparalleled flexibility for customized solutions. It supports Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile smartphones, with new devices from all major manufacturers being added continuously.
      • Multi-Technology
        • Close cooperation with device and infrastructure vendors enable short lead times when introducing new technologies, chipsets, and devices. Our products support LTE (FDD/TDD), LTE-A, LTE-U, UMTS, WiFi, TD-SCDMA, and CDMA and continues to pave the way for testing of new technologies including VoLTE, VoWiFi, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and, in time, 5G.
      • Powerful and Efficient Data Collection
        • Strong, intuitive service control, auto device detection, advanced device control, auto file upload, and flexible recording capabilities to manage and automate information gathering and present real-time data. Multiple devices can be connected and run simultaneously, minimizing the time spent collecting RF data, L2/L3 messages, IP information and service-related information.
      • Exclusive Measurement and Control Capabilities
        • TEMS Investigation incorporates an ever increasing set of unique and advanced control functionality. In addition to control RAT, Band, and Cell, it is possible to control for instance LTE Category, Carrier Aggregation, and Vocoder, all of which are crucial for advanced LTE-A and VoLTE testing.
      • Service Performance Testing
        • TEMS Investigation can test and verify the performance of current and next generation services. The tests are carried out by using the phone’s own client in combination with advanced algorithms such as POLQA, PEVQ, and PEVQ-S. This ensures a better understanding of the end-user experience and how networks are affected by services like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, etc.
      • Powerful Script Creation
        • The intuitive flow chart concept for efficient and advanced script creation ensures consistent measurements and have support for the newest technology enhancements in IoT networks (LoRa, LTE NB and LTE M). This opens the door for testing and benchmarking of cost efficient IoT implementations with focus on indoor coverage, low cost, long battery life and a large number of connected devices.
      • Convenient Indoor Measurements
        • Creation and use of pre-planned indoor test routes facilitate efficient work processes from preparation through execution and analysis; manual pinpointing is available as well. Building and floor plan data can be imported from planning tools. Complementary use with TEMS Pocket and TEMS Discovery helps streamline measurement processes. Our backpack and tablet PC solutions provide additional portability.
      • Flexible Analysis Capabilities
        • Thousands of information elements and events can be presented in more than 250 predefined presentation windows (line and bar charts, maps, status and message windows, event counters) to locate network problem areas. All presentation windows are synchronized, and all settings are saved in workspaces for reuse and sharing between users.
      • TEMS Portfolio Synergies
        • You can use TEMS Investigation to analyze logfiles from other TEMS products, or add TEMS Pocket functionality on your TEMS Investigation handset. TEMS Discovery, a highly configurable and user-friendly post-processing solution, is recommended for use when large amounts of data are to be processed and analyzed, as well as for advanced report creation.

    Find Your TEMS Product

    • TEMS™ Investigation
    • TEMS™ iBuildNet
    • TEMS™ Pocket
    • TEMS™Automatic
    • TEMS™Discovery
    • TEMS™ FleetManager
    • TEMS™ Investigation

      TEMS™ Investigation

      Drive testing solution for mobile networks

      TEMS Investigation is an active, end-to-end testing solution used to verify, optimize and troubleshoot the QoE of HetNet RAN and services from a subscriber perspective for in-vehicle, in-building and pedestrian-area testing scenarios.

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    • TEMS™ iBuildNet

      TEMS™ iBuildNet

      Planning and optimization tools for small cell, DAS and WiFi

      TEMS iBuildNet enables you to plan, build and optimize indoor and outdoor HetNet projects. TEMS iBuildNet provides an end-to-end workflow that cuts design time and reduces complexity and errors, while requiring less skill to operate.

      Learn more

    • TEMS™ Pocket

      TEMS™ Pocket

      Ultraportable network testing solution for indoor/ outdoor

      TEMS Pocket is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. From HetNet planning and design, to deployment and optimization, TEMS Pocket enables you to test your network from a user’s perspective in any location.

      Learn more

    • TEMS™Automatic

      TEMS™ Automatic

      Autonomous testing 24/7

      TEMS Automatic is the market leader in unattended testing and verification of mobile networks. A TEMS Automatic system enables you to automate your ways of working and collect the right data, in the right place, at the right time, in the simplest and most efficient manner possible.

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    • TEMS™Discovery

      TEMS™ Discovery

      Collect and analyze virtually limitless amounts of mobile network data

      TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization platform, providing mobile operators and their service providers with unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by subscribers at the device, application and network level.

      Learn more

    • TEMS™ FleetManager

      TEMS™ FleetManager

      Complete, powerful fleet management for operational drive testing

      TEMS FleetManager is a cloud-based tool that allows wireless operators to remotely distribute test drive instructions to their teams, view and monitor driver and test progress in real-time, and interact with the data collection process from anywhere.

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